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Question: What is CSS Examination?

Answer: CSS (Central Superior Services) examination is the highest competitive exam which is conducted every year throughout the country by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission). Through this exam candidates are appointed on highest civilian positions in 12 different service departments.

Question: What are the steps of CSS Examination?

Answer: All the four steps of the CSS (Central Superior Services) examination are:

  1. Written Examination
  2. Medical Test
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Viva Voce

Question: What is the age limit specified for CSS?

Answer: Candidates from the age of 21 to 30 years are eligible for competitive Exam.

There is 2 years age relaxation for:

  1. In service government servants
  2. Candidates who are permanent residents of Gilgit Baltistan
  3. Candidates who are permanent residents of Azad Kashmir territory
  4. Candidates who belong to the scheduled caste and Buddhist community
  5. Candidates who belong to the recognized tribes and are permanent residents of the areas mentioned below and whose families have been living in these areas:
  • Baluchistan
  • Tribal Areas of D.I.Khan and Peshawar Divisions including Former Frontier States of Dir, Swat, Chitral and Amb
  • Former excluded (Baloch) area forming part of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts
  • Former Tribal Areas of Mardan and Hazara Divisions
  • Upper Tanawal Area of Hazara Division

Note: For any of the above mentioned case, candidates have to submit a certificate issued by relevant authority mentioned in CSS Rules which you can download by clicking the following button

CSS Rules

You can see the rules about age relaxation at the bottom of the page no. 1 under the heading “Age Relaxation”.

Question: What minimum education is required for appearing in CSS Exams?

Answer: At least 14 years of Education is required for appearing in competitive Examination. Candidates who have completed their bachelors in any faculty of one of the Pakistani Universities or equivalent qualification of a foreign university can attempt this exam. The candidate must hold at least a second class or Grade C degree.

Question: Which authority takes this exam?

Answer: Government of Pakistan has authorized FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) for conducting this examination.

Question: When candidates can apply for CSS examination?

Answer: From October 1st to October 31st

Question: When the CSS Exams are held?

Answer: CSS (Central Superior Services) examination is held each year in the mid of February.

Question: What are the departments where candidates are allocated after passing CSS Examination?

Answer: CSS departments are the administrative offices where the successful candidates are designated after succeeding in CSS (Central Superior Services) examination. These are the departments where successful candidates are assigned:

  1. Police Services of Pakistan (PSP)
  2. District Management Group (DMG)/ Pakistan Administrative Service
  3. Foreign Services of Pakistan (FSP)
  4. Pakistan Custom Service
  5. Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  6. Commerce and Trade Group
  7. Inland Revenue Service
  8. Information Group
  9. Railways (Commercial and Transportation) Group
  10. Postal Group
  11. Office Management Group
  12. Military Lands and Cantonments Group

Question: What are the total Marks of CSS examinations?

Answer: Total marks of CSS Examination are 1200. There are six compulsory subjects for 600 marks; which are:

  1. Essay
  2. Précis and Composition
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. General Science and Ability
  6. Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (for non-muslims)

Rest of the subjects for 600 marks is chosen by the candidates themselves from the Groups of Optional Subjects.

Question: What are the passing marks for CSS?

Answer: The aggregate of 50% is required for passing this exam on the whole. Moreover, 40% and 33% is required in compulsory and optional subjects respectively.

Question: How to choose optional subjects for CSS?

Answer: Click on the following link for subject selection guide:

Subject Selection Guide

Question: When the result of CSS Exam is declared?

Answer: CSS Result is declared in the month of October.

Question: What subjects are most scoring among all the Optional subjects?

Answer: The list of high scoring subjects generally includes these subjects:

  • Anthropology
  • Balochi
  • British History
  • Criminology
  • Environmental Science
  • History of Pakistan & India
  • History of USA
  • International Law
  • International Relations
  • Islamic History & Culture
  • Muslim Law and Jurisprudence
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sindhi

Statistics of CSS-2016

Question: Which subjects are low scoring?

Answer: List of the low scoring subjects for CSS exams includes:

  • Chemistry
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Botany
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Geology
  • Town Planning & Urban Management
  • Statistics
  • Physics

Question: What are prerequisites for CSS exams?

Answer: Make sure attaining a strong hold over General Knowledge and become highly Proficient in English writing. Practice matters a lot. Make proper study plans; prepare a schedule and be determined to remain stick to it. Make regular reading your continuing habit. Newspaper and magazine reading is crucial for good vocabulary, excellent writing expression and grasp on the current affairs.

I would personally suggest the aspirants to set a post preparation era in which they pay all of their attention towards improving their vocabulary, grammar and writing expression. once again, I would say writing practice earns you the greater chances of success. This span of time depends upon your capabilities; if you find yourself less adept in linguistics then obviously you need more time and vice versa.

Then comes the selection of your optional subjects. Choose your optional subjects very carefully. Follow the given subject selection guide for your covenience:

Subject Selection Guide

Question: How can I develop my English skills?

Answer: Read daily Dawn news paper. We’d recommend you to learn at least 5 new words with synonyms and antonyms (that you may get from internet without any difficulty) on daily basis.

Learn grammar. For this purpose “English Grammar and Composition” by Wren and Martin is highly recommendable.

Write an essay of at least 400-500 words on daily basis; select a new topic on each new day. Increase the number of words with the passage of time. Improve your writing expression.

Learn English phrases, Idioms and pair of words as much as possible.

Question: How much time is required for making preparation?

Answer: The time span of 10-12 months is sufficient if one makes best use of it.

Question: Where to get complete information about syllabus?

Answer: click the following link for learning about the Syllabus of CSS for compulsory and optional subjects:

CSS Syllabus

Question: How to apply for CSS?

Answer: FPSC (exam conducting authority) provides you with the online registration form in the month of October (from 1st-31st October. Candidates can apply anytime throughout the month before the closing date that is October 31st.
Registration fee for CSS (Central Superior Services) Examination is Rs. 2200/-

Following is the step by step procedure of applying for CSS Examination:

  • Download the challan form from FPSC website
  • Submit fee in the mentioned bank
  • Apply online through the Website by filling the application form
  • Complete the procedure carefully
  • Download the application form after applying online
  • Fill the unfilled columns
  • Dispatch to Federal Public Service Commission office


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